This is the month I found out if I’m a Ruby award winner at the Romance Writer’s of Australia annual conference. I’m on the edge of my seat but I am up against some wonderfully talented ladies so we’ll just have to see how it goes. I’m still stunned and thrilled that The Rise of Jaz, a story I loved so much, resonated with the reader judges enough to make it into the final list.

In other news, I recently sent out a newsletter and I blogged, but my website then crashed as I moved to a new host, so I’m rebuilding as quick as I can.

Did you see my recent interview with Tamara Astrea Leigh about authenticity? Catch up below and apologies for my little poppet head. My brother tells me I check my hair too often as well but I can’t watch it back. Does anyone like doing that? There’s a great TED talk on why we hate it which was interesting.


And then there was the release of Almost Perfect. Have you read it? I loved writing it so much and the feedback that’s coming in is so rewarding, I’d love to know what you think if you’ve read it, or of course, jump onto your place of purchase and pop in a review to help others find it, that would be lovely. But if you haven’t bought it yet, you can find it in all your favourite places.


Speaking of where to find my books. If you haven’t already noticed, you can now find all of The Harringtons in all of the places. so if you prefer iBooks or Kobo or anything else, go forth and read. Oh and if book buying isn’t in your budget (I get it, no judgement!) you can find The Harringtons in about 14 South Australian libraries and a couple of interstate libraries so go feed your mind and your soul!


So I have a whole lot of things going on behind the scenes here in the cave. I can’t wait to share things as they come to fruition. But what I can share is I’m about to work on Loving Lydia, the 4th full length novel in The Harrington’s series and it is about following your heart, even if it leads you somewhere unexpected, even if it means changing your mind and challenging everything you thought you were. I have no idea where it’s going to lead yet, other than a few seed ideas but if you’ve read the rest of The Harringtons so far, you’ll know that Lydia is the quiet achiever, she supports everyone else, she’s their rock, their glue but is often forgotten in the shadow of Tom, her twin and the first born, or Jaz, the former IT girl, this is Lydia’s time to shine, her chance to step into the light but when you think you know exactly who you are, when you’ve fought for it and come to terms with it but then with a single moment it all changes and suddenly you have no idea about anything any more, I’m sure she’s going to take us on an incredible and emotional journey.

Talk soon