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Alexandra Deen

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I’d become a version of myself I no longer recognised. Not just in the last couple of hours, but the last few years if I were honest. If I were brave enough to face the reality of who I’d become, who I’d allowed myself to become because it would be easier. It was expected.

Alone in Paris with her world crumbling at her feet, its as good a time as any to throw away ‘Lexi the lovely doormat’ and embrace ‘Alex’ and the life her new friends make look so easy.  But will Alex have the courage to trust?

And then there’s Tom.  When Tom’s troubled past comes for him can he make her believe in love? That he’s the good guy?

There’s always a price for love.  Is Alex willing to pay it?



Mrs May’s Tea and Toast

COMING 1 September 2017

Pills were such a cliché way to die. I hated that. Being a cliché. But at this point judgements and labels were of such little consequence and I didn’t know how to buy a gun and anything involving a knife looked unnecessarily painful and drowning in the bathtub seemed a little dramatic, a little too Hollywood for me. So pills it was. They all did the same thing in the end.

When Ainsley hits rock bottom and has to move in with her parents, she won’t expect the universe to conspire to save her.  She won’t expect Mrs May, she won’t expect the time locked café she inherits, she won’t expect Christian Harrington and she won’t expect the trouble Mrs May’s secrets bring.

Will Ainsley be strong enough to solve the mystery Mrs May has left behind?  Will she be strong enough to love broken and brash Christian Harrington?  Will love be the key to everything?


The Fall of Jaz

COMING 2018!

The last time I’d been on the other side of those trees I’d been seventeen and running away from home. I’d run across the property under the glow of the full moon heading to the creek and the dinghy we’d used to go up and down when we were kids. That day it held only a bag of my most prized possessions that I’d been sneaking out of the house for days. No more laughing children, I was the last of us to escape, except poor Christian who’d hung around until the old bastard kicked him to the back of beyond.

Jaz escaped her Harrington heritage, she’s no longer a drunken party girl, no longer the tragic IT girl in the gossip magazines but when she comes out of hiding to attend her brother’s wedding, the world she built for herself will all come crashing down, the vultures will come out of hiding and she’ll be fighting for her life.

Will she survive being a Harrington or is being a Harrington what will save her?  And will her love for Jay be strong enough to survive it all. Will he love her enough for one more drama?