Mrs May’s Tea and Toast


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A story of starting over, friendship, family and the great love that changes everything.


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Pills were such a cliché way to die. I hated that. Being a cliché. But at this point judgements and labels were of such little consequence and I didn’t know how to buy a gun and anything involving a knife looked unnecessarily painful and drowning in the bathtub seemed a little dramatic, a little too Hollywood for me. So pills it was. They all did the same thing in the end.

When Ainsley hits rock bottom and has to move in with her parents, she won’t expect the universe to conspire to save her.  She won’t expect Mrs May, she won’t expect the time locked café she inherits, she won’t expect Christian Harrington and she won’t expect the trouble Mrs May’s secrets bring.

Will Ainsley be strong enough to solve the mystery Mrs May has left behind?  Will she be strong enough to love broken and brash Christian Harrington?  Will love be the key to everything?


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