YA & Middle Grade

Tamara also writes for young people.

Aeron’s Crossing

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In the forest surrounding Aeron’s Crossing, war has been declared. The Valikar’s powerful leader, Ari has died, his crown passed to his son Daniel.  But there is another with the claim, the evil Adam is the true first born and will fight Daniel for control of the forest. Only no one told Daniel he was a Valikar, that he was to be a king, that he had powers or that he had an evil half-brother. Now Daniel, who’s only stumbled across his destiny by defying kooky Grandmother Alice, has to fight his brother and his army to save an entire forest. But can he save his brother, too? When you’re one of the most powerful beings in a forest filled with magic, anything is possible.

A story of friendship, learning to make your own choices and do what’s right while still making time for soccer, especially when you have levitation abilities that give you some awesome new moves.