About Tamara

Writer, hiker, food lover, book nerd. Fuelled by Doritos, Chocolate Sultanas and Shiraz, Tamara tells stories of hope, love, friendship and family. She was a finalist in the 2018 R*by awards for The Rise of Jaz and a finalist in the 2018 ARRAwards for Almost Perfect.

Born and bred in Adelaide, Tamara grew up with dreams of being Enid Blyton before being seduced by the lure of corporate success, which turned out to be really dull. She always thought writing a book would be something she'd do when she had children (yes, chuckle away at how much time her naive teenage brain thought she'd have), but then September 11 happened, an existential crisis occurred and the long journey began.

When she's not writing, Tamara spends far too much time in the Barossa (is there really such a thing?!), eating noodles on Rundle Street and hanging with her favourite mini humans.

I love Tamara's writing. Characters I want to go to bat for, descriptions that made me feel like I was right there. I was drawn in from the first paragraph and invested till the very end
Amazon Reviewer
Brilliant!! Another of Tamaras books i couldnt put down! I have really enjoyedd following The Harrington family story. I hope there is more to come.
Amazon Reviewer

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