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Running From Me


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From Romantic Book of the Year finalist, Tamara Martin, comes a brand new standalone story about love and friendship.

I’ve been alone a long time, even when I’m not alone, I’m alone. I have too many secrets. On paper I don’t even exist. I’ve never been more than a fictional person because no one can ever find out who I really am or what I did. But I’m tired, I don’t know how long I can keep running, from my past, from myself. I just need to rest, to stop pretending before everything inside me breaks. When I find the perfect place with the kindest people I sleep better than I can remember but when my past starts to close in I’ll need to run, I can’t put them in danger. But then there’s MD, a beautiful man and a skilled detective and he’s not going to make it easy to walk away. But can I trust him, can I trust him with my life and my freedom?


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